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We’ve said adios to 2020 and we’re looking ahead to brighter days with a focus on boosted immunity. The pandemic changed the way we live and eat and several of those trends are not going anywhere: plant based foods, Zoom cooking classes, and meal kits, are all here to stay. While chickpeas, shroom broth and hard kombucha are all poised to steal the spotlight.

Oil Change

Move over olive oil, there is a whole new crop of oils moving in to take your place. Home cooks in particular, are experimenting with oils that add unique flavours along with healthy perks to salad dressings. Expect to see more pumpkin seed, walnut and hemp oils imbuing your recipes.

Everything Old is New Again

See ya sour dough, pickling is taking your spot. The technique may be 4000 years old, but pickling is a thing again. With more time on our hands, and many more people growing their own food, pickling has seen a resurgence. At the peak of canning season last year, pickling popularity even led to shortages of glass jars. The simplicity of the process, the desire for healthy quick snacks and a hobby to destress, is set to continue through 2021.

Hard Kombucha

The hard seltzer market has been growing exponentially for the past few years so it’s no surprise that boozy kombucha is now flexing and muscling its way onto shelves. It’s part of an overall trend towards low ABV cocktails. All kombucha contains a small amount of alcohol – usually less than 0.5% as a byproduct of fermentation. Hard kombucha ferments for an extra few weeks for an ABV of between 4%-7%.

Chickpea Everything

The humble chickpea is officially the world’s most versatile legume. Whole Foods Market, has listed them as a top trend for 2021. Move over falafel and hummus as we usher in chickpea pasta, chickpea pizza crust, chickpea tofu, and even chickpea cereal. It checks all the boxes: gluten free, high in protein, plant based and rich in fibre.

Fruit & Veg Jerky

Sited by Entrepreneur Magazine as the "sustainable snack of the future," fruit and veggies are taking on a new form. As the world continues to embrace all things plant based, startups are getting very innovative with flavour packed jerky mushrooms to adventurous dried jackfruit snacks.

Broth Boosters

Organic chicken and grass-fed beef bone broth have both had their moment in the spotlight, but immune-boosting mushroom broth is the new star. It is reportedly rich in minerals, nutrients and adaptogens. The inherent umami taste makes it delicious on its own or used as base for soups.

In Flavour of Sleep

We were all a little stressed in 2020, so we’ve ditched the energy drinks and caffeine in favour of calming, sleep inducing sips and nibbles we can consume underneath our weighted blankets and alongside our meditation apps. A range of products containing sleep inducing ingredients like CBD oil, magnesium, L-Theanine. Also look out for copaiba, an oil derived from the resin of a South American tree that is being claimed to reduce inflammation and anxiety is showing up in food and beverages.


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