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Meet the Chef



Chef Keith Rhodes grew up in New Hanover County and attended Laney High School. He became interested in cooking by way of his grandfather who had a private bartending service. It was helping him in the back bar service where he learned first hand how food brought people together. He ​opened Catch Restaurant in 2006 in hopes that diners would catch his passion for North Carolina seafood. He was recently (January 2003) nominated for the second time by the James Beard Foundation as a finalist for Best Southeast Chef.  He’s also well known for participating on Bravo TV’s Top Chef season 9. And when he’s not running a kitchen, he’s partaking in outreach projects that serve local children, as well as mentoring up-and-coming young chefs.


What makes CATCH RESTAURANT unique?

Catch is a unique concept because it's one of the first African American family-owned casual dining restaurants in North Carolina. Catch is also home to Wilmington's first African American andChef to be nominated for the James Beard best Chef of the Southeast.

How would you describe the type of food you like to cook?


Our food at Catch can be described as New American with international influences. Our main focus is heavily pescatarian using only the best ingredients.

What motivates and inspires you as a chef?


So many facets of life are motivators. My loving family as well as my dedicated work family. The support and respect of my community and  peers throughout the years. The cultivation of new chefs to lead and continue in positive contributions and food ways is so important to our culture.

What might diners NOT know about you?


Diners may not know that I really don’t like chicken and rarely eat crab cakes.

Current favorite dish on the CATCH menu.


Seared red grouper, rutabaga puree, hen of the woods mushrooms, with chicken glace and salted egg yolks.

Favorite local produce and how do you use it? 


My favorite local product is the abundance & variety of seafood available. Our creations are unbounded, our dishes are constantly evolving and being refined.


Best foodie city? 

Best food City really just depends, I think Vegas, Houston, Los Angeles, NY and then Miami.


What’s your all-time best comfort food? 


Fish & grits is my all time best comfort food. Second would be a great bowl of pho, which is hard to get.

Describe the best meal you’ve ever eaten. 

It's very difficult to select a best meal I've ever eaten. There have been great meals and different points in my life. I've had great food at Sang Kee Noodle House in Philly, great dinners on Windstar cruises, some of the best Thai in Miami. And my wife's spaghetti is seriously life changing.


What's on your current playlist?  

U by J Sands

Cliche by Bebel Gilberto

Scottie Pippin by Mick Jenkins

If there’s one important piece of advice you might have for cooks, what might that be? 


My advice for young cooks is to practice the following: patience, discipline, courage, humbleness and loyalty. Own your craft.

Modern seafood cuisine served alongside vibrant organic produce and herbs – Catch is a feast for the senses. An award-winning eatery with a passion for Southern cuisine made new again. We serve the best seafood found across North Carolina’s Cape Fear Coast.

Open Tuesday - Sat: 5.30pm - 9pm.


6263 Market St, Wilmington, NC

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