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Meet the Chef



Chef Jeremy Black grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina, and pursued a career in the restaurant business straight out of school. Working alongside chefs sparked an interest in food and the art of building flavors. His early career was spent working in chain restaurants like Texas Roadhouse and later Kornerstone Bistro, where he got his first taste of chef life and how to manage commercial kitchens. He continued onto Sedgefield Country Club in Greensboro, handling large-scale events and catering weddings before relocating back to the Port City. He can now be found putting his unique spin on Edgar Allen Poe-inspired food fare at Poe’s Tavern


What makes POE'S TAVERN unique?


As a customer, I would definitely say the vibe. The time and effort put into the décor, the laid back atmosphere and the friendly staff. Most definitely not a place you forget after you’ve visited. All of our burgers are named after Edgar Alan Poe books to add more depth to the concept. Everything is hand cut and made in house and never use freezers or heat lamps. We pride ourselves on keeping all of our food as fresh as possible and cooked to order.

How would you describe the type of food you like to cook?


I like to take simple food, great ingredients and put my own spin on it. Such as a Fried mac and cheese burger or a philly burger with grilled peppers and onions smothered in liquid queso. We have a 2 week long promotional event coming up where we are doing a Cuban burger with smoked pork, black forest ham, swiss cheese, fried pickles and our house honey mustard as well a BBQ salmon tacos.


What motivates and inspires you as a chef?


People who enjoy my food and keep coming back.


What might diners NOT know about you?


I am the father of 3 beautiful children and they are the light of my life. My hobbies are being with them and doing the things they love.

Current favorite dish the Poe's Tavern menu.


Blackened chicken hop frog.

Favorite local produce and how do you use it? 


My favorite local product is our bread. It's baked right here in Wilmington daily and we use it on all our sandwiches and burgers. They are made by Apple Annies bakery, which is a Wilmington based family owned bakery that has been here since 1984. The family dates all the way back to Italy in the 1800’s where they made pasta.

Best foodie city? 


Most interesting foodie city I’ve experienced was San Diego where my father used to live, so I spent some time there and experienced some interesting things.


What’s your all-time best comfort food? 


Probably a good breakfast with country fried steak and eggs.

Describe the best meal you’ve ever eaten. 


My grandma’s homemade cornbread and pinto beans with the ham hock in it.

Three songs on your current playlist?  


Tupac - Troublesome '96

Tool - Forty Six & 2

Jamey Johnson - Can’t Cash My Checks

If there’s one important piece of advice you might have for cooks, what might that be? 


Stick with it. It takes time to get to where you want to be and don’t work for anybody that doesn’t appreciate you.

Poe’s Tavern is an American style Gastropub specializing in gourmet burgers, fish tacos, and local craft beer. The very first Poe’s Tavern opened up in 2003 on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina where Edgar Allan Poe was stationed during his time in the military. Our restaurant pays tribute to the writer with an eclectic array of artwork covering the walls and unique dishes named after his pieces of writing. 

Open Daily 11am-10pm


212 Causeway Drive, Wrightsville Beach, NC

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