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Meet the Chef


Jumping from an on-site butchery to sustainable veganism might be a dramatic leap but it's where you'll find Chef Parker Lewin, The Green House Chef de Cuisine. Hailing from Shallotte, North Carolina, Lewin came to Wilmington for school thinking at the time, that he would become an English teacher. Instead, he found his joy in food. Mainly self-taught and on the line trained. Working and learning his way through some of Wilmington’s finest establishments, including Manna, PinPoint, and True Blue Butcher & Table. 

What makes The Green House unique?

A ton of things! Being a vegan restaurant, especially an upscale one, is the obvious answer, but I think that would be pretty reductive. Our open kitchen, our gorgeous dining room, our onsite greenhouse that grows a ton of the food we serve in the restaurant, and our strong non-alcoholic program. I could go on, and on.


How would you describe the type of food you like to cook?

The first word that comes to mind is "punchy." I like bold, interesting flavors that provoke thought while also being satisfying and comforting. Modern, high level technique and beautiful presentations are important too, especially in our restaurant, but  I think the most important thing about my style is how focused it is on high quality products.


What motivates and inspires you as a chef? 

Primarily farmers. The purveyors and producers in our town get better and better every year. So it's a cool time to be a chef in Wilmington.

What might diners not know about you?

My love of music! I used to be able to play about five instruments proficiently.


Current favorite dish on the Green House menu.

Our grilled lion's mane, for sure. The technique of preparing it is super cool and satisfying to me on a creative level while also being super versatile in terms of what we can pair with it and be enjoyable for our diners.


Favorite local produce, and how do you use it? 

We just started getting the first kohlrabi of the season. My wife loves my pickled kohlrabi so much that I got a kohlrabi tattoo!

Best foodie city? 

At the moment, definitely Nashville. Locust, Catbird Seat, and Bastion are some of the most exciting restaurants in America, to name a few.


What’s your all-time best comfort food? 

Not my proudest answer, but McDonald's french fries and Coca-Cola for sure.


Describe the best meal you’ve ever eaten

My wife's squash casserole. It's a simple but incredibly particular technique for stewing the squash and onions down. It wows me every time I have it. I've even put versions of it on the menu at the restaurant before!


3 Songs on your current playlist?  

Cerulea by The Mars Volta

Not Tight by DOMi & JD BECK

Fye Fye by Tobe Nwigwe


If there’s one important piece of advice you might have for cooks, what might that be? 

Work clean, have a good attitude, and always wipe your plates! 

The Mission of The Green House is to bring intentional and sustainable practices to local vegan fine dining in order to positively affect global environmental change. The Green House wants you to know what it brings to the table, literally and figuratively. Their mission encompasses not only a fine dining experience but also leads by example through action. Each decision in the development and implementation of The Green House has been been made with intention: from sourcing choices to materials to carefully researched suppliers and ingredients.

Dinner 5pm-close

Sat & Sun Brunch 10-2

Closed on Tuesday

1427 Military Cutoff Road, Wilmington, NC

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