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Anastasia Worrell hails from a small agricultural country in Eastern Europe called Moldova, and The Green House represents a nostalgic return to her culinary roots. Garnering a stellar reputation as a sustainable, plant-based, and innovative culinary hub, it's a testament to her commitment to fostering a greener Wilmington.

Anastasia Worrell The Green House
Anastasia Worrell, Owner of The Green House

How the journey to The Green House Began.

"My journey to The Green House has been a unique one. Originally from Eastern Europe, I've lived across the continent before settling in Wilmington, NC, over 15 years ago. I had a successful career in marketing, but it was my husband, Ray Worrell, who introduced me to the world of restaurants. I often joke that I 'married into'the restaurant business, but it's a journey I wouldn't change for the world.

The Green House is not just a restaurant, it's a testament to the power of collaboration. My husband and I, owners of Slice of Life, joined forces with Laura Tibllier and her husband, owners of Ceviche's, to bring our shared vision to life. Our conversations about sustainability and local resources sparked the idea for The Green House, and it's been a labor of love ever since."

Why The Green House is Unique.

"Step into The Green House, and you'll step into a world of innovation and sustainability. Our plant-based menu is just the beginning. We've made deliberate decisions to uphold our values, from our 200-year-old wood tables to our lime-washed walls. Our untreated quarry tile floors and abundance of greenery bring nature indoors, and our fully functional on-site greenhouse is a testament to our commitment to sustainability. Our unique ambience is a hit with guests, who often reach for their cameras as frequently as they do for their forks. In today's digital age, where 'camera eats first,' this recognition of our space is a testament to our commitment to excellence."

Doing Business in Wilmington.

"Our journey to success was paved with experimentation and adaptation during our first year of operation. We explored various avenues to understand Wilmingtonians' preferences towards our vegetable-centered restaurant concept, from offering lunch services to going entirely gluten-free. Despite initially avoiding the 'vegan' label, embracing it wholeheartedly proved our turning point. Now, we offer cooking classes and day-long plant-based cooking schools. Our story underscores the power of embracing authenticity and innovation. While it may seem ambitious, our ultimate industry dream is for a farm-to-table approach to become the norm. As an industry insider, I constantly question my objectivity. Yet I can't ignore the undeniable demand for fast food in North Carolina, which ranks among the highest per capita nationwide. However, I fervently hope that small local businesses will achieve similar popularity, paving the way for a more sustainable future."

New on the Horizon.

"Our overarching goals begin with our daily dedication to delivering the finest experience to each customer. It starts by refining each dish and cocktail to perfection, followed by conscientious sourcing—seeking out the best ingredients while considering who and what we support with our purchases, as this shapes future practices. Next, we focus on initiatives to reduce our environmental impact, such as eliminating disposable plastics and composting. This commitment extends further as we collaborate with local environmental organizations to lower our footprint, and many more collaborations are coming this year. As a business owner, it's hard to separate personal life and work, but that's precisely what I'm focusing on in the coming months."

Why Wilmington, NC, is the Best Place to Live.

"Wilmington's location on the coast makes It unique and highly desirable; fully embracing the area's offerings requires engaging in water activities. While my family and I cherish our late afternoon boat rides together during the Summer, we each have individual pursuits. I enjoy surfing, while my husband finds joy in outrigger canoeing. Our 15-year-old daughter recently joined the coastal adventures by acquiring her 13-foot Boston Whaler."

3 Tracks on your current playlist.

"I love powerful voices!"

Best Advice You've Actually Followed.

'Know when to accept the need to move on.'

"Despite my natural inclination to persist and try to salvage situations, I've learned that it can be a more productive approach. A couple of years ago, someone I deeply respect pointed out this tendency, prompting me to reevaluate my mindset. Since then, I've made conscious efforts to heed their advice."

Favorite Quote

Enjoy the little things in life; one day, you may look back and realize they were the big things ~ Kurt Vonnegut.

"I'm planning a trip to Latvia to visit my family and I'm talking to my cousin, who lives in the UK, about finding a way to meet up. During our discussions, I suggested to him, "You have to come to Latvia, even if only for one night. Who knows when we'll have another opportunity to sit around the table, sipping tea with our moms?" That's the kind of moment I'd cherish."



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