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Updated: Mar 10, 2021

When asked to describe his art, Wilmington Fine Artist, Dan Beck, replied, “I am trying to make sense of the world, to share the beauty of it.”

His art is expressed through impressionism and and abstract leanings, although he does not dismiss other forms such as realism. “I never know what I’m going to do when I begin a painting, I follow where it leads me.”

“I’m from the South and find great inspiration for my art here. It’s intimate- I feel I’m right in with nature here. I can smell and taste it, as well as, be inspired by its beauty. I especially love magnolia trees and Spanish Moss. Of course, the ocean is fantastic, I mean, there is so much natural beauty here.”

“One of the great things about living in Wilmington is the diverse art community, there are many types of media available: musicians, painters, ceramics…just all kinds. I think it is important for a community to support its artists and The Art Council has helped with the grant disbursement.”

Dan is a local recipient of grant money distributed by the Art Council of Wilmington and NHC.

Find Dan’s work at his gallery Beck Fine Art 545 Castle Street Wilmington, NC 28401

Wilmington helped Lauren Rogers, a potter, find her style. She always loved nature, but the beaches, the ocean, called to her and left its mark.

“I try to capture the energy, the movement of the ocean, the coast in my pieces. They’re asymmetrical, not perfect, and functional. I do a lot of color layering and every piece is unique. I want my work to evoke the calmness and vastness I feel from the sea.”

Her response to living in the area as an artist, “Wilmington is absolutely supportive of artists and the arts, there are so many opportunities here to sell work, lots of venues and markets. It’s a fantastic community.”

Lauren is a grant recipient of the Art Council of Wilmington and NHC.

Find her at Leland Cultural Arts Center 1212 Magnolia Way Leland, NC

Pineapple Studios 1016 N Fourth Street Wilmington, NC

Port City Pottery and Fine Crafts

The Art Council of Wilmington and NHC distributed $275,000 to local artists and art organizations. Money was given to local artists like Dan and Lauren and to a variety of organizations to support art in the Wilmington community. Click for further


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