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Carolina Dental Specialty Center in Jacksonville, NC, is an award-winning dental practice specializing in robotic dental implants. Dr. Jose Arauz heads up the CDSC and is a periodontist trained in Dental Implants Robotics and Dental Implant Surgery. We spoke to Dr. Arauz about his patient-centered practice and innovative technology.


Tell us what readers can expect from a Full Arch replacement and what that involves.

A full-arch implant-supported teeth reconstruction is truly a live transformation procedure. The procedure replaces all the teeth in the arch with a ceramic-zirconia bridge supported by 4 to 8 implants. With computer software, we can acquire records of the patient's face, lips, mouth, teeth, and jawbone with a 3D X-ray. With this information, utilizing specialized software, the process of designing the smile and ideal position of the replacement teeth is started. This workflow allows us to work with a specialized Dental Laboratory to manufacture a customized transitional healing bridge installed in the patient's mouth the same day the teeth are removed and the implants placed. Because this process is pre-planned through software, we manufacture the replacement bridge and a series of surgical guides to transfer the digital plan from the software with the most accuracy into the patient's mouth. This process helps with the most accuracy in obtaining the perfect bite and smile in one appointment. This procedure is performed under IV sedation to facilitate the best patient experience. Once the patient is more aware after the sedation, they can witness their new transformative perfect smile!

How long does the procedure take?

Once a patient and the doctor decide that a full-arch implant-supported reconstruction is a treatment that will provide the right solution to the patient's needs, the acquisition of records starts. Within weeks all the necessary planning, fabrication of guides, and customized teeth replacement will be ready in the Periodontists office to do the procedure. Depending on the number of remaining teeth, if both arches are treated on the same day, and any other procedures necessary to prepare the jawbone to receive the implants, the process could take 2 to 8 hrs. Since the procedure is completed on the same day, you will receive a perfect smile and a perfect bite. Waiting a few months after the initial procedure with the customized transitional teeth is advisable for allowing the jawbone and the soft tissue to heal and adjust, then proceed with the final ceramic-zirconia bridges.

What makes Carolina DSC unique?

A full-arch implant-supported reconstruction requires in-depth knowledge and surgical experience in Dental Implant Surgery. For a full-arch reconstruction to be successful many principles and variables must be considered and respected during the planning and execution phase. The surgical skills required to perform these procedures are advanced. The same is true when considering single-tooth replacements or smaller bridges. Carolina DSC is a unique Dental Implant Center because of the comprehensive approach considered for every patient. From the patient's medical history, fears, anxiety, teeth supporting structures to case selection, and choosing the most beneficial treatment solution for every patient. Also, a patient's periodontal health is fundamental to the long-term success of a Dental Implant not becoming infected once functioning. We predictably increase success rates with education, knowledge, and experience combined with the latest digital technology, 3D X-rays, digital surgical planning, and smile design. One of these technologies is a Robotic-Assisted Dental Implant Placement System, the Yomi Robot.

What is Yomi Enabled surgery?

The Yomi is a robotic device, similar to the Da Vinci Surgical Robot in Medicine. It is used to precisely plan the teeth being replaced with Dental Implants. For a tooth to be successfully replaced with a Dental Implant, the forces transferred from tooth to implant are considered. This is the concept of the 3D position determining the dental implant placement. Where the tooth replacement in the Yomi 3D software is planned is the ideal position to replace the missing tooth or group of teeth. Then Dental Implants are carefully selected in size and shape, enabling the best biomechanical support for the future tooth. This is directly related to the amount of bone height and width in the site of the jawbone, where the implant needs to be placed at an exact 3D position, angulation, and depth. If insufficient bone supports the implant on that specific site, it needs to be reconstructed before or when placing the Dental Implant.

Bone reconstruction procedures are one of the many Dental Implant procedures we specialize in. Through the use of 3D X-rays and special sensors, the Yomi Robotic System assists in transferring the exact 3D digital planning from its software into the patient's jawbone with the most accuracy and precision. When implants are guided with the Yomi Robotic System into position, we increase long-term success by respecting all the principles mentioned above.

What are the advantages of using technology like the Yomi?

The advantages of using the Yomi for Dental Implant Surgery placement are immediacy. The patient does not need to wait to have the procedure done because there is no need to wait to fabricate any guides for Dental Implant placement. The Yomi and its software are the Implant placement guide. Also, teeth can be extracted and replaced with a transitional crown the same day using the Yomi. With the Yomi, we can do more minimally invasive Dental Implant placements, accomplished by the 3D X-ray and planning software that allows for not having to cut the patient's gum open, leading to better, faster healing with minimal discomfort and discomfort risks of complications.

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