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In 2006, Sam and Lynn Leake founded Luxe Home Interiors with their daughter Elizabeth. They aimed to offer quality coastal design and excellent customer service, going beyond the ordinary furniture store experience. In 2014, they extended their expertise and creativity to Leland, serving all of Brunswick and New Hanover County. Today, Luxe Home Interiors continues to thrive and provides clients beautiful, comfortable furniture and designs, forging long-lasting relationships. Owner & Principal Designer, Elizabeth Leake, recently shared her thoughts on interior design trends we expect to see this year. We're bidding farewell to monotone, and welcoming wallpaper, embellishments and metallic.

Lynn, Sam and Elizabeth Leake of Luxe Home Interiors. Photo Credit Andrew Sherman

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

My passion for design and meticulous attention to detail shines through in my work. I find immense joy in meeting new people and guiding them through creating homes filled with endless possibilities. I deeply understand design's personal and emotional aspects, recognizing that a home should be a sanctuary that reflects its inhabitants' unique identities and aspirations. 

As an avid trend watcher, I remain connected to the ever-evolving design world and constantly seek inspiration from diverse sources. I love incorporating elements from different genres, decades, and styles into my designs, ensuring each project truly reflects my client's individual tastes and preferences.

My signature touch of whimsy adds a delightful and unique aspect to every project I undertake. Design should bring joy and happiness to everyday life, and I strive to infuse this philosophy into every space I create. By prioritizing the evocation of joy in our homes, I aim to craft environments that resonate deeply with their inhabitants, fostering a sense of warmth, comfort, and belonging.

What design trends are we kicking to curb this year?

We're bidding farewell to the monotone, all-white interior era and embracing a shift towards more inviting and personalized living spaces. With its starkness and lack of warmth, the ultra-minimalist trend is making way for designs that incorporate warmer tones and bold accents, injecting personality and vibrancy into our homes. Grey, once a popular choice for its neutrality, is also on its way out as people seek more diversity and individuality in their interior spaces. This departure from uniformity suggests a desire for homes that reflect their inhabitants' unique tastes and lifestyles, creating environments that are visually appealing, emotionally enriching, and welcoming.

What is the color palette for 2024?

The selection of Peach Fuzz as Pantone's color of 2024 is driving a shift towards warmer and more elegant colour palettes in interior design. This hue, resonating with compassion and effortlessly bridging the youthful with the timeless, is being embraced in various interpretations throughout design spaces. Peach Fuzz adds a soft and inviting touch to interiors, whether used as a dominant color on walls or as an accent within patterns.

Furthermore, the introduction of Peach Fuzz has spurred a resurgence in autumnal color palettes, featuring shades of sage green, rich clay tones, earthy browns, burnt orange, mustard yellow, and tan. Unlike the vibrant jewel tones of previous years, this palette evokes a sense of warmth, comfort, and connection to nature. Sage green, in particular, is emerging as a prominent choice, often paired with complementary earthy hues to create harmonious and inviting living spaces. Overall, this trend highlights a desire for cozy and serene environments that embrace the beauty of natural colors and textures.

What 3 design trends can we expect to see for 2024?

Wallpaper Revival: Wallpaper is taking center stage in interior design for 2024. With a wide range of prints and textures available, it's become a clever technique for showcasing personality in a timeless and showstopping manner. Wallpaper offers versatility and creativity in transforming spaces, from bold patterns to subtle textures.

Embellishments Galore: Embellishments are enjoying a moment in interior design trends. Tassel trims, decorative tapes, and intricate detailing are incorporated into draperies, upholstery, and pillows, adding texture and visual interest to furnishings. Mixing patterns and contrasting fabrics as edge details are key to this trend, allowing for personalized and eclectic design statements.

Metallic Revival: Chrome, steel, and aluminium return in 2024 after years of gold and black dominating the metal hardware and accessories scene. Bright aluminium and silver are gaining popularity, offering a fresh and contemporary aesthetic. Whether opting for shiny reflective silver to brighten a space or the richness of brushed chrome or nickel for a polished and sophisticated look, metallic accents are elevating interiors with their versatility and modern appeal.

What is your current favorite design piece or element? 

It's thrilling to anticipate the fresh new look that homeowners are embracing in 2024! There's a palpable desire for homes that exude character, personality, and a sense of excitement—a departure from the subdued styling that has been predominant for too long. In this bold new era, saturated colors take centre stage, injecting vibrancy and energy into living spaces. The pattern-on-pattern (on pattern) becomes a celebrated approach, allowing for dynamic and visually stimulating interiors. Statement pieces command attention, serving as focal points that spark conversation and intrigue. Luxury materials receive modern updates, adding richness and sophistication to every corner of the home. With this mindset, nothing is off-limits—2024 invites homeowners to embrace creativity, individuality, and a sense of daring in their interior design choices. It's thrilling to explore new possibilities and breathe fresh life into our living spaces.


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