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Big Sky Design is a team of design experts led by women who specialize in combining art with function to give space meaning. With over 20 years of design experience, Big Sky's creations have been featured in some of the country's top home decor media outlets, including Houzz and HGTV. The founder and principal designer of Big Sky Design, Jennifer Kraner, recently shared her thoughts on interior design trends we expect to see this year. We're bidding farewell to neutral spaces, and welcoming bold color with touches of femininity.

After arriving in Wilmington, Jennifer Kraner immersed herself in the design field by working with various local architects, which provided her invaluable experience. "Although none of the firms I worked for offered me a full-time interior design position," says Kraner. "I seized the opportunity to learn essential skills such as contract preparation, client and contractor communication, project management for both commercial and residential projects, and documentation requirements.

Kraner's initial interest in commercial interior design stemmed from a desire to enhance public spaces, and she noticed a gap in the market for these services in Wilmington. This realization prompted her to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship. "Despite the challenges of starting a business while navigating personal milestones like pregnancy and homeownership, I embraced the opportunity and thoughtfully laid the groundwork for Big Sky Design," says Kraner. "The relationships I had made with the local architectural community allowed me to follow my dreams for this new venture with determination and excitement for what it could be!

How would you describe the aesthetic of the Big Sky Design?

Our design aesthetic is driven by our clients' unique personalities and preferences. With a team of highly skilled lead designers, each bringing their own approach to design, every project is an opportunity to create something truly special. While our projects vary in style and scope, consistent elements define a Big Sky project, both commercially and residentially. These include a passion for color, a commitment to infusing our clients' personalities or business mantras into the design, and a knack for dreaming up creative ways to bring their vision to life. We are privileged to work with clients who trust us to discover and execute their individual aesthetics, collaborating with them every step of the way to ensure their vision is realized.

What design trends are we kicking to curb this year?

We're bidding farewell to overly neutral spaces this year! Instead, we're embracing the vibrant energy that color, personality, and individuality bring to a space. Our design philosophy revolves around discovering what truly inspires our clients, whether their personal passions or professional endeavors. By infusing each project with unique touches that reflect our clients' distinct personalities, we create spaces as dynamic and diverse as the people who inhabit them.

What is the color palette for 2024?

In 2024, we're waving goodbye to the monotonous neutral palettes and saying hello to an impactful array of colors. Picture bold reds (consider the unexpected red theory!) or sleek monochromatic schemes that are anything but dull. It's all about embracing the unexpected this year and infusing spaces with personality and interest that separates you from the next!

What 3 interior design trends can we expect to see for 2024?

In 2024, we're anticipating a splash of color in unexpected places—think walls, ceilings, doors, and trim, all getting a vibrant makeover! Get ready for softer, feminine touches, with pinks, peaches, and scalloped edges bringing charm and whimsy to spaces. Mixed finishes like metals and stones will also take center stage, adding depth and texture to your home. And fear not, the trend of incorporating collected and heirloom items isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Furniture manufacturers are jumping on board, offering lines that pay homage to historical design with a fresh twist!

What is your current favorite design piece or element?

Without a doubt, it's all about those architectural features. We've always had a soft spot for them. There's something truly magical about a space that speaks volumes from the get-go, even before it's fully dressed. When you have architectural solid bones, the rest falls into place effortlessly. It's like a melody playing in an empty room—it sets the tone and leaves a lasting impression!


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