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With a background in luxury marketing for the hospitality industry, Dacia Zimmer has focused her attention on curating bespoke picnic experiences in Wilmington, NC. With Spring in the air and Summer around the corner, it's time to get outside for a picnic and Coastal Picnic, will do it all for you.

By Lesley Hammer

Tell us a bit about your background and how Coastal Picnic came about?

I've always been passionate about the finer things in life and love being pampered, but who doesn't? I have done marketing for several luxury hotels and restaurants and love the joy it brings to guests after they have had a wonderful experience. I wanted to bring a similar vibe to Wilmington through luxury picnics that can be held at the beach or in the comfort of your home. So I researched how picnics have been done in the area and nearby cities and if it's worth investing in. It turns out people LOVE picnics and love even more they don't have to clean up after.

What can readers expect from a Coastal Picnic?

Readers can expect a curated, magical, thoughtful picnic created with them in mind. We setup picnics throughout Wilmington and neighboring areas with elegant boho, neutral palettes, or vibrant beach vibes. Whether it's on the beach or your favorite park or even in your own backyard, I'm here to bring you something you've never experienced before and make your day memorable.

How do you go about creating the perfect picnic?

Most importantly, we make life EASY and stress-free! Simply pick your location or let us choose one for you, invite your guests and leave the rest to us. You'll arrive on the day for a luxuriously chic picnic or dinner that's ready for you and your guest to enjoy, and best of all, when you're done, just get up and leave. No packing, washing, or hauling stuff back to the car. We'll take care of it all, and we have a fantastic team to add those special extra touches. Our picnics promise to bring you a magical picnic experience. If you're looking for a unique and memorable experience for birthdays, proposals, anniversaries, or just because. We'll curate a charming little gathering.

What's included in a picnic?

Our picnics include our floor-style tables for guests to sit at (1 table per 4 guests), rugs, tapestries, throws for under the tables, plush cushions, and pillows for each guest for floor-style seating (upon request, we can bring chairs with backrests). We also include decorations, florals for the table, bistro lighting for night-time events, the styling of all tables with boho table decor and styling of the surrounding area. Individual one-time use plated set up for each guest (cutlery, cup, plate, napkin), an ice bucket with ice for beverages, and your choice of flat or sparkling water, coffee, tea or lemonade. Add-ons are available, and picnics are for 2 hours.

What is on the menu for your dream picnic, and what are you sipping?

I'm enjoying a charcuterie board in my dream picnic while sipping on a lovely pinot noir and sparkling water.

3 songs for a picnic playlist?

What's coming up for Summer?

We will be booking up quickly, so scheduling your picnic in advance is best. We can host small and large groups and have a ton of fun color themes like coastal blue, jungle green boho, and pretty girl summer.

For Reservations and more information contact Dacia Zimmer at Coastal Picnic.


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