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Co-Founder of End of Days Distillery, Beth Faulkner, has, alongside her husband Shane Faulkner, focused on the ins and out's of what makes a successful business, raising two beautiful children and volunteering her time and energy to the local community. Born and raised in North Carolina, Beth has cultivated a great appreciation for unique flavors and a distinct eye for interior decoration and design that has given rise to one of Wilmington's most stylish & flavorful brands. We caught up with Beth to find out what's on the horizon for EOD, how she balances her work-life, and as always, what's on her playlist.

Story by Rebecca Clothier Photographs by Matt Ray

Sum up the name End Of Days.

The name was born after an evening of conversation around a backyard fire, where Shane and friends shared stories and passed a bottle of something special.

He noticed that many stories about love, life, kids, and the future concluded with "At the end of the day…" a phrase that perfectly summed up the situation and conversation.

"At the end of the day, who do you want to be?

How do you want to be remembered?

What's your mark on the world? What do you reflect on?

What are you proud of?

What will you remember?

These are all part of what End of Days Distillery stands for.

How do you think being a distillery based in Wilmington has influenced your brand and business?

Being a craft distillery in a gorgeous city like Wilmington has profoundly impacted our branding, which focuses on the nautical nature of our surroundings. Each of our Port of Entry and Castaway Series spirits features illustrations that encompass elements we enjoy at the coast. We believe details are essential, so you will find many hidden gems in our branding which highlight our home.

How have you seen the craft distillery movement change in North Carolina since you started EOD?

The last three years we have seen some of the greatest modern changes in laws benefiting NC Distilleries. SB290 passed in July 2019 allowed NC Distilleries to sell unlimited bottles out of the distillery in addition to allowing a cocktail bar. Previous to this you could only sell five bottles to an individual per year and you couldn't make a cocktail in your distillery with your own spirits. These were crippling restrictions that deeply impacted growth for NC Distilleries. Then last year we benefited from HB890 which allows us to sell bottles on Sundays, another major game changer. We would like to see further improvements that lower the tax on ready to drink cocktails and allow them to be included in retail markets where wine and beer is sold at similar ABV (alcohol by volume).

What is new on the horizon for EOD this year?

2022 has many exciting things in store for EOD. First, we closed on a 7500sqft warehouse on Wrightsville Ave, allowing for our increasing production growth. In addition, we plan to launch three different canned cocktails into ABC Distribution statewide this summer. These will be our Cargo Mule (Ginger & Port of Entry Vodka), Hurricane (Passion Fruit, Lemon juice, and Port of Entry Rum), and Gin and Tonic (Housemade Tonic Syrup and Port of Entry Gin). All three are extremely popular cocktails in our Lounge, canned in 4 packs for enjoying at home, on the beach, or boat. We also have a new spirit to launch (can't leak yet, but it's very exciting) and will have more aged spirit releases like our wildly popular Survivor's Cut Series Bourbon and Rye Whiskey.

What are the things you love most about living in Wilmington?

We love the beach and boating life Wilmington offers in unique ways. As small business owners, we truly appreciate how this City rallies around local businesses to support them. We are grateful to be a part of the Cargo District Community, propelling each business for success. We have never really had the opportunity to operate outside the confines of a pandemic, so we are looking forward to a busy Lounge this summer with lots of tours and tastings for visitors and locals. We are excited about our newly converted horse trailer to a mobile cocktail bar we call "Vader" to be at Riverfront Park Amphitheatre during the upcoming Live Nation concerts.

Favorite place to sip EOD cocktails?

Wow, can I be honest? It's in our beautiful Lounge. The cocktails made by our talented mixologists blow me away each time. They are not only gorgeously crafted, they always taste amazing and highlight our award-winning spirits. I love sitting there, visiting with friends, and seeing the buzz of activity as our guests enjoy the same experience.

3 Tracks on your current playlist.

Any advice for someone starting and juggling family and work-life balance?

My advice to any small business owner raising a family is this...Work hard, be flexible, tenacious, and adaptable, but there is no greater satisfaction than caring for our families. Life is precious and uncertain, so never lose sight of what is most important.

Your go-to Summer EOD Cocktail?

A summer favorite is our Percy's Cup. This summer sipper is sure to wow. It's beautiful and refreshing and features our Port of Entry Gin which I love.


1 Cucumber

1 Strawberry

1.5oz Port of Entry Gin

.5oz Antica Formula Sweet Vermouth

3 oz Ginger Ale

Method: Using a peeler, take two slices across a whole cucumber. Cut ends to make fishtails. Add a 1-inch piece of cucumber to a shaker. Cut strawberry in half, add one half to shaker, and muddle with Port of Entry Gin and Sweet Vermouth. Shake and strain into a glass filled with ice and top with Ginger Ale. Garnish with cucumber fishtails and the other half of strawberry.


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