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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

The sun has set on summer, so we're saying adios to sipping pale ales and light lagers. It's Fall which means it’s prime time to crack open tasty golden-hued brews from our favorite Wilmington, NC Breweries, while watching football season, catching up with friends, or hoisting liters of lager at your Oktoberfest events around the Port City.

October also happens to be Pizza Month, and we've rounded up our favorite Wilmy Pizza's, because we all know a Pizza Party is nothing without a Fall beer. These are our favorite autumnal sips, in no particular order.

The Beer: Honey & Bones: Honey Ale

What makes this Fall Beer special?

The beer is designed as a hybrid between a golden ale and an amber ale brewed with a great deal of honey malt. It was fermented with fruity English ale yeast and infused with honey late in fermentation to preserve honey flavors and aromas. The beer is great to enjoy during the Fall because it has a deep golden glow, slight dryness, and pleasant sweetness. The alluring golden hue, combined with the honey flavor, resembles autumn's beautiful colors and vibes.

The Food Pairing

Best paired Front Street's signature Slap Wrap. The Slap Wrap is a chicken wrap with a signature "Slap" Sauce. The sauce combines a perfect blend of Teriyaki, Buffalo, and Sriracha. The sweetness from the honey in Honey & Bones Honey Ale pairs perfectly with the spicy flavors.

The Song on Rotation

Whiskey Blues - an original song by new, local Wilmington band, Honey & Bones. The band includes all members of the Front Street Brewery staff. You can catch them playing live around the Cape Fear area or on their Instagram @honeyandbonesofficial.

Happening at Front Street Brewery this Fall

Front Street Brewery's Bardstown Bourbon Bash is happening on Wednesday, October 26th, with Honey & Bones playing some nice background tunes. Bardstown Bourbon will feature 3 of their whiskey expressions: the Discovery, Fusion, and Collaborative Series. The event is free to the public with a ticket reservation online.

Front Street Brewery: Honey & Bones: Honey Ale, Photo Credit: Tyler Campbell


The Beer: “Pluck”

What makes this Fall Beer special?

Pluck is a Gose (Goes-uh) Style Sour Ale with Pink Sea Salt, Blackberry, Raspberry, and Coriander. The beer starts with a traditional Gose recipe which is generally 50% wheat malt, 50% pilsner malt, sea salt, and coriander seed. During fermentation, a particular yeast strain the brewery uses produces lactic acid, which gives Pluck a soft and approachable level of acidity. When the yeast is halfway done, real fruit puree is added, and the result is a balanced and well-rounded sour ale that’s easy on the palate. The use of blackberry and raspberry plays well with the seasonality of each fruit and lends an appropriate depth that you’d want in a beer during the Fall.

The Food Pairing

Its salinity will accentuate most flavors, and the acidity can cut through heavy or fatty dishes while being light enough to not weigh you down. For the menu at Flying Machine Wrightsville Beach, try pairing Pluck with Chef Ryan Jankowski’s Black Pearl Duck Breast, red grapes, dashi black pearl barley, Cheerwine, and sake reduction.

The Song on Rotation

Happening at Flying Machine this Fall

Check out Tuesday Trivia (every Tuesday at 7PM) and Wednesday Run down the Cross City Trail. Saturday, Nov 12, is Flying Machine's 4th Anniversary blow out all day long with a special afternoon menu from Grimm Burger.

Flying Machine Brewing - Fall Beer - Pluck

The Beer: Oktoberfest

What makes this Fall Beer special?

This beer is made in the traditional style of a German Marzen, heavy on malts, lightly hopped, and lagered for over two months to give it a clean, super smooth finish with notes of caramel and toasty bread. It's great for drinking in the beer garden as the weather cools sitting outside swapping stories with friends or strangers.

The Food Pairing

An excellent companion with a Wrightsville Beach Brewery burger or BBQ ribs.

The Song on Rotation

Happening at Wrightsville Beach Brewery this Fall

Oysterberfest, the annual kickoff party for the wild oyster season, is taking place on October 22nd from 12-6pm, featuring specials on steamed & raw oysters and live music by Back Pocket Buddha and Starlight Speedway.

Wrightsville Beach Brewery Oktoberfest

The Beer: Midwatch IPA

What makes this Fall Beer special?

This collaboration between New Anthem Beer and Rebellion, is a crushable West Coast Style IPA at 6.6 ABV. Midwatch has a ton of citrus with a light dank finish. The hop profile features Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, and Apollo which makes this a perfect fall brew while tucking into a plate of wings and watching your favorite football team.

The Food Pairing

Midwatch is so versatile that you can pair with almost any item on the Rebellion menu. But, Pork Bites and the Chef's Original Wings are a favorite.

The Song on Rotation

New Anthem Beer & Rebellion Collaboration: Midwatch IPA

The Beer: Bourbon Smoked Honey Lager

What makes this Fall Beer special?

The beer is made with a unique smoked honey created by Ironclad Brewery friends at Platypus and Gnome, which is combined with oak spirals soaked in Evan Williams whiskey.

The Food Pairing

This beer helps make breakfast become the best meal of the day.

The Song on Rotation

Happening at Ironclad Brewery this Fall

Ironclad will be open 7 days a week and have several events open to the public. Follow them on social media to stay up to date.

Ironclad Brewery: Bourbon Smoked Honey Lager

The Beer: Elated Winter IPA (5.5% ABV)

What makes this Fall Beer special?

As the nights get a little chilly, Hi-Wire Brewing's winter seasonal Elated Winter IPA (6.2% ABV) provides a balanced and hoppy ale perfect for snuggling up in front of the fire or getting outside on a brisk fall day. Celebrate the upcoming holiday season with an India Pale Ale that doesn't lack pine and citrus peel notes from Michigan Chinook & Idaho 7 hops balanced by sticky caramel and toasted bread flavors from a carefully crafted malt bill. If that's not enticing enough – Elated goes into 6-packs of 16oz tall cans this year. Because more beer is better beer!

The Food Pairing

Roasted turkey filled with stuffing, sausage cheese balls, Indian chicken curry, carrot cake.

The Song on Rotation

Happening at Hi-Wire this Fall

Hi-Wire's first Annual Family Fall Festival is happening on Saturday, Nov. 12. This SUPER family-friendly festival will be full of fun and games for all ages. The day kicks off with Goat Yoga at 11am and kid-friendly games throughout the taproom and parking lot. Game tickets will be $1 each, and all money made from games will be donated to local non-profits at the end of the day. Plus, there will be fairy hair and face painting, a petting zoo, and live music by Revolver Music Productions Kids Band from 1-3:30pm.

Hi-Wire Brewing: Elated Winter IPA

That's My Yam!

What makes this Fall Beer special?

Styled after a traditional Sweet Potato casserole that's been topped with roasted marshmallows. That's My Yam! starts by washing 40 lbs of North Carolina yams that are finely sliced in a food processor. The yams are thinly layered in large chafing trays, topped with marshmallows and oven roasted until golden brown. They're then added to the grain together with another 38 pounds of marshmallows in the Mash Tun - the brewery equivalent of a big coffee pot which circulates the 150° brewing water (called wort), extracting all the flavor, nutrients, and most importantly, sugars. The resulting beer is a classic "Yamber Ale."

The Food Pairing

Delicious with locally raised Currie Cattle Company Sliders, burgers or any other Thanksgiving dinner entrée.

The Song on Rotation

Happening at Waterman's this Fall

• Live music Thurs & Fri Nights

• Sat 10/22 Friends of WB Fundraiser

• Sun 10/23 Beer & Hymns

• Fri 11/4 Tideline String Band Bluegrass

• Sat 11/5 Carolina Surf Film Festival

Waterman's Brewing - That's My Yam


“Black Spot” Black Lager

What makes this Fall Beer special?

“Black Spot” Black Lager at 5.3% ABV is a beer that breaks stereotypes. Dark in color, similar to a stout, however, you will find this beer has a crisp, refreshing finish without an astringent roast or cloying sweetness. A refreshing lager for people who do not “like dark beer” but will find themselves enjoying this one.

The Food Pairing

Even though it’s a dark beer, it pairs well with lighter food such as Chicken, Salad, Bratwurst & Salmon. It’s best with Edward Teach Chicken Wings that they serve (FOR FREE) every Thursday at 6:00p.m.

The Song on Rotation

Happening at Edward Teach this Fall

A Halloween Celebration coming up on Saturday, October 29th, with live music, food trucks, free photo booth & a costume contest. On November 22nd celebrate the Anniversary of Edward Teach’s (AKA Blackbeard) death. This year will mark 304 years since his passing. There will be games, a new release & $3 drafts.

Edward Teach “Black Spot” Black Lager

Black IPA

What makes this Fall Beer special?

Black IPA is made on Waterline's new 20-barrel system. The uniqueness of this beer lies in the use of a single hop called Citra, which results in juicy-roasted notes with a light finish. It's the perfect fall beer for cozying up.

The Food Pairing

A juicy grilled steak or a wicked chocolaty dessert would be the perfect accompaniment.

The Song on Rotation

Happening at Waterline this Fall

Waterline is partnering with WECT Saturday, Oct. 22nd, for a 5k race: REGISTER HERE.

There will also be a fun-filled Halloween weekend: Saturday the 29th local musicians/groups Billy Heathen and Real Life Party will put on a spooky performance. Sunday 30th, there'll be a Halloween market with live music and food trucks.


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