Non-Conformists are entrepreneurs, innovators, and social change-makers -- living and working in the Cape Fear region. They are the people forging new paths with their ideas, innovations, and actions. This series gives readers a glimpse into their thinking, habits, and insights about originality and entrepreneurship.

ROB KUCHAR: Wine Merchant, Entrepreneur, Creator of Wine Water.

Rob & Amy Kuchar, the faces behind the wildly successful Wilmington, NC based brand, Wine Water.

Rob Kuchar is the co-founder and owner of Wine Water, the first wine innovation in the beverage industry that fuses wine and pure sparkling water to create a first-of-its-kind wine x water hybrid designed for the active consumer. After spending over two decades in the wine business, Rob and his wife Amy decided that it was time to create a new category and in 2019, Wine Water was born.

He is without a doubt, a Non-Conformist.

In your opinion what is the most innovative & original idea or thought you’ve seen in the Cape Fear region?

I may be a bit biased on this one, but I would have to say The Wine Water Category that was created by our team.

What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?

At this time, most of my days are filled with strategic meetings, whether via in person, phone or virtual. In order to ensure each day is productive, I have a rolling high-level priority list that sets daily direction by keeping the big picture in mind. I also have a task list of details that I need to get to, unfortunately that often gets pushed due to the extreme growth our team is creating right now but we make it work. The key to my process above is that our team is constructed as an OSM (Offsetting Strengths Model). So, my team is often completing tasks/projects that are on my list without me even realizing it. I am often happy when reaching out to delegate something only to find out one of our team leaders has already completed that.

What’s the most original idea you’ve had?

I’d definitely have to give myself credit for the Wine Water Category on this one. It’s something that didn’t previously exist before but has an incredible amount of growth potential.

What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?

Starting my wine business with nearly nothing - - I had a credit card, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and a mini-storage unit.

What do you think it takes to stand out these days?

I’d have to say that you need to embody authentic originality. It’s what sets people apart from the masses.

How do you bring your ideas to life?

I have a meditative type of inter