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It's officially the most magical time of the year: rosé season. We'll be sipping our favorite North Carolina pink wines while our weather remains warm, the leaves turn golden and the skies are dusted pink. If you think Rosé wine is just for quenching summer thirst, think again. Here's our round up of North Carolina blushing bottles to add to your must-drink list as the leaves start tumbling down.

By Colleen Thompson

Lexington, NC

Muscadine Burst

Q&A with Elizabeth Brown, Marketing Director

How is Muscadine Burst made, and what makes it unique?

Fruity, fizzy, and fun on the tongue, Muscadine Burst was the first of its kind. A blend of Carlos and Noble grapes creates this effervescent Muscadine wine. Winemaker Mark Friszolowski uses a carbonation method to make this slightly bubbled sweet southern sipper.

What food would you pair this wine with?

Pair Muscadine Burst with smoked beef brisket tacos topped with cilantro, roasted corn salsa, and a drizzle of creamy chipotle sauce.

The best place to sip Muscadine Burst?

In a rocking chair on the front porch after a long day.

The song playing in the background is..?

Mountain Park Sunset

Q&A with Chad & Crista Guebert, Owners

How is GRV Mountain Park Sunset Rosé made, and what makes it unique?

GRV's Mountain Park Sunset follows the Saignée or "Bled" Method. We kept the skins on for 24 hours and bled out juice for the rosé. This unique wine has the best of both old and new worlds—think "American in Paris" vibes where it has minerality from old world styles and the more savory California style. GRV is always known for making well-balanced wine, and this is one of our most awarded wines.

What food would you pair this wine with?

The floral and cherry notes make this ideal with rustic and grilled dishes, such as Mediterranean sea foods or lamb and pesto pasta. Steamed mussels would be a perfect summer dish that pairs well with GRV's Mountain Park Sunset.

The best place to sip GRV Rosé?

Wherever you want. Whether you're a rosé, all-day person, or you want to pair it with food and company, this is an excellent all-purpose wine to enjoy whenever and wherever.

The song playing in the background is..?

Things to look forward to at GRV?

Upcoming wine releases. We are releasing a sweet rosé called Tinto V, aptly named after the Spanish drink "Tinto de Verano" (which translates to Summer Reds). It's a blush wine with blood orange notes and is GRV's take on sangria.


Pilot Mt, NC

Q&A with Levi Banks, JOLO Brand Ambassador

How is JOLO Pink made, and what makes it unique?

Our JOLO Pink is a classic French-style Rosé. What makes this wine extremely unique is that fewer than 5 percent of rosé wines in the entire world are made this way. We make this rosé "purposefully," whereas the other 95% in the world are made as a byproduct of making traditional red wines. We hand harvest our chambourcin grape about 6 weeks earlier than we do for our red wine production and about 2 weeks before we harvest our white grapes. So the main grape chambourcin, which provides the gorgeous pink hue, is harvested at very low sugar and high acid levels, contributing to its low alcohol level and crisply clean, inviting palate.

This tart, crisp, clean wine comprises 3 different grape varietals, 55% Chambourcin, 17% Traminette, and 28% Vidal Blanc. The chambourcin grape is a robust, disease-resistant grape that grows exceptionally well in the Yadkin Valley area and is a French-American hybrid from the Loire Valley of France. It has the unique quality of just 12 grapes in the world out of the over 10,000 varieties in a sub nomenclature called the Teinturier, which means it yields pink juice. When producing this grape for the JOLO Pink, we eliminate the maceration process, accentuating the enticing aromas of pink grapefruit, strawberry tops, and raspberry. White fruit and citrus tantalize the palate ending with a lip-smacking finish. We also age this wine in 100% stainless steel. Which assists in a crisp and clean finish.

What food would you pair this wine with?

This is a delightful wine alone and also pairs well with goat cheese, salads with vinaigrettes, Italian food, shellfish, roasted vegetables, fruit salads, or a bad day. My favorite pairing with the JOLO Pink is a flash-fried goat cheese salad topped with peeled orange slices, fresh beats, and crisp onions. The mixed greens salad should be lightly tossed in an elegant lemon caper vinaigrette.

This is such a perfect pairing because "what grows together goes together. "Goat cheese has a basis in Loire Valley and Provence France, both famous for Goat cheese production. Another great pairing is a beautiful seafood ceviche.

The best place to sip JOLO Pink?

Provence France and Lorie Valley are the best two places to sip and enjoy a fine glass of rosé. Now close your eyes and imagine you're drinking an elegant glass JOLO Pink next to rows of beautiful grape vines.

The song playing in the background is..?

Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine playing in the background while eating fried goat cheese or seafood ceviche.

Things to look forward to at JOLO?

Several events at our new event center will spoil our Cuvee and premier wine club members with 4-course wine paired dinners for our top members. While offering tastings, lunch, and dinner at our beautiful location in Pilot Mountain, North Carolina.

Ronda, NC


Q&A with Hailey Klepcyk, Tasting Room Manager

How is Rosato made, and what makes it unique?

The Rosato is a rosé made with the Italian grape varietal, Sagrantino. We soaked the wine on the skins for about four hours before pressing and cool fermenting it.

What food would you pair this wine with?

We love enjoying this rosé in the summer with a Stone Fruit Caprese from Chef Dusty Snow. Mozzarella, apricots, peaches, plums, pomegranate seeds, balsamic glaze, and fresh basil complement this rosé.

The best place to sip Rosato?

Piccione Rosato is always enjoyable on the porch, just as the summer day cools down, hopefully with an amazing sunset and fireflies.

The song playing in the background is..?

Things to look forward to at Piccione?

This summer at Piccione Vineyards, we are sitting on the patio, listening to live music and watching the construction progress of our new tasting room, "La Collina."

Ronda, NC


Q&A with Jay Raffaldini, Owner

How is Raffaldini Rosé made, and what makes it unique?

The grape we use for the Raffaldini Rosé is Sangiovese which is grown throughout Tuscany and used to make Chianti. It is a highly aromatic grape that yields beautifully balanced roses throughout Italy. After less than two days of skin contact, gentle pressing yields a beautifully colored dry wine with lively acidity and terrific balance. The current vintage won Platinum and best rose at a significant San Francisco Wine Competition, beating out all roses entered from around the world. Say hello to Girasole, which translates from Italian as Sunflower.

What food would you pair this wine with?

Rosés tend to be underestimated for their potential for food pairing, especially with lively acidity. Beyond fish, think white meats like chicken and pork. It also pairs perfectly with pasta dishes.

The best place to sip Raffaldini Rosé?

Anywhere you want to be happy, I enjoy sipping it on the patio with good friends.

The song playing in the background is..?

Things to look forward to at Raffaldini?

Taking a deep breath. Once you are at the Estate and enjoy Raffaldini wine at the Villa overlooking the Blue Ridge mountains, you will be transported to a slower time and pace of life. In a phrase, you will be living La Dolce Vita.

Jarvisburg, NC


Q&A with John Wright, General Manager & Vineyard Manager

How was Wildflowers made and why is it unique.

Wildflowers is made from estate grown Syrah (50%) and Tannat (50%). The fruit is chilled and pressed whole cluster and the juice is cool fermented in stainless steel. The light coral color comes from the limited time the juice spends with the skins, a few hours at most. Syrah is a commonly used rose’ grape but Tannat in rose’ is a bit unusual. Tannat adds a weight and creaminess that helps lift the fruit notes.

What food would you pair with this wine?

A strawberry salad with basil and a balsamic reduction or jerk mahi tacos with cantaloupe salsa. Cheese pairings might include softer, fresh cheeses like Humbolt Fog and Halloumi.

The best place to sip Wildflowers?

The best place to sip Wildflowers is anywhere you might be as long as you’re thinking about being at the beach, being in the ocean or being on the water.

The song playing in the background is..?

Lively Up Up Yourself by Bob Marley and the Wailers off the Talkin” Blues album. Like Wildflowers this version features a solid groove at its core with playful and joyous top notes and elegant harmonies.

Things to look forward to at Sanctuary?

Wine Tastings and Tours Daily - Live Music and Food Trucks every Thursday Evening - Live Music every Saturday on the Lawn - Boat Tours (Vineyard Voyage).

Kings Mountain, NC

Veronét Rosé

Q&A with Monique Sullivan, Founder

How is the Veronét Rosé made, and what makes it unique?

We make our Rosé of Pinot Noir using a limited skin maceration, which allows us to extract the perfect amount of color for just a touch of pink and keeps the fresh cherry fruit flavor of the pinot noir grape.

What food would you pair this wine with?

This rosé is perfect for brunch or a light dinner. It is crisp and tart, so it's a lovely balance for a spring green tart with goat cheese, a perfect brunch pair. This rosé is also excellent with buttery seafood like lobster and scallops served grilled over a bed of greens.

The best place to sip Veronét Rosé?

We always feel the best place to enjoy wine is with great company! Wine is meant to be enjoyed with people you want to make a memory with, and our favorite place to sip our rosé is with a group of friends at the beach while you grill up a lovely dinner.

The song playing in the background is…?

Things to look forward to at Veronét?

Summertime in the vineyard is always wonderful because the grapes are growing and ripening, we are anxiously awaiting harvest, and it's a fantastic time to enjoy wine in its ultimate summer form: slushies!


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