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Food trucks have become increasingly popular in recent years. These mobile eateries offer a unique and convenient dining experience that has captured the hearts and stomachs of foodies around Wilmington, NC. With their diverse menus and on-the-go service, these pioneers of take-out food culture, have revolutionized the food industry by creating an entirely new way for people to enjoy their favorite dishes. We want to raise a toast to their entrepreneurial spirit and showcase our favourite food trucks in the Port City.

Best Food Trucks in Wilmington NC


Q&A with Robert Rivenbark - Owner

What makes Berserkr BBQ unique?

Berserkr BBQ was created in February 2022 by Chef Robert Rivenbark and his Partner Lauren Farah, who were excited to bring fresh Old School Craft BBQ to Surf City/Topsail Island and the surrounding areas.

What Should We Order?

Bert’s Brisket and Pork: Charcoal and wood smoked for over 18 hours and served with a selection of classic sides, including house-made Mac & Cheese, Lauren’s Slaw, Potato Salad, Baked Beans & Collard Greens. We also occasionally feature Smoked Salmon, Chicken Quarters, Wings & Ribs. One of our most popular items is the Berserkr Sundae, served parfait style with savory layers of Mac & Cheese, Baked Beans, Pulled Pork, Lauren’s Slaw & house-made Memphis Style BBQ sauce.

Where Can We Find You?

Our Event Schedule is updated weekly on Facebook and Instagram. We are often at Salty Turtle Beer Company in Surf City, several Wilmington Breweries, and most Town of Surf City Events.

Anything Fun Happening This Summer?

We are excited to announce that Berserkr BBQ can be found at Greenfield Lake Amphitheater and Live Oak Bank Pavilion for several concerts this spring and summer and the Fourth of July Fireworks. Yes, we can bring Berserkr BBQ to you! Please contact us for catering your next event, large or small 910-471-0097.

Essential Food Truck Tunes

Ohio Players - Fire

Al Green - Love & Happiness

Ed Sheeran - I See Fire

Photo Credit: Leigh Roberts



Q&A with Kenny Wright - Owner

What makes Beyond the Bayou unique?

I have been in the service industry for many years. My first restaurant job was in a Cajun restaurant. The owners, chef, and most of the staff were from Louisiana, and I worked there for many years until it closed down in 2005. It was a fun atmosphere where I learned a lot about the culture and history of the cuisine. When I finally decided to go out with a food truck, I knew this cuisine was my niche to stand out. Even though I am not a Louisiana native, I have received great praise from people who are. What makes BTB unique is that there is not a lot of Cajun cuisine in this area. We are a cook-to-order truck, making most items fresh and from scratch. The few that don’t come straight from Louisiana.

What Should We Order?

Alligator Bites: Our most popular menu item is alligator bites with a creole marmalade dipping sauce. The alligator meat is marinated in a special sauce, hand-breaded, and then deep-fried. People always ask if it’s real alligator and are skeptical to try it. (For those wondering, it does not taste like chicken) we have customers show up at different locations just for our gator bites.

Where Can We Find You?

For anyone looking to try us out, we are all over Brunswick, New Hanover, and Pender counties. We visit breweries, neighborhoods, Dr. Offices, Eagle Island, and local community colleges.

Anything Fun Happening This Summer?

This summer, we look forward to serving different venues, meeting new people, and creating new specials. If you haven’t tried us, we hope you do, and if you have come by, see us again. Feel free to introduce yourself while you wait on your me and listen to some of the Zydeco music we play on our speakers. The guys and I say it’s always Mardi Gras!



Q&A with Laura Johnson - Owner

What makes Eat At Eastside unique?

The initial idea started as a restaurant. But as the times changed, so did our priorities. My goal was to make good food. It didn't matter if it was in a brick-and-mortar or on wheels. Not being tied down to a specific location makes us more accessible to folks all over Wilmington. Also, the food truck has taken us to some really cool venues and events! Our menu features small batch, from-scratch recipes, and high-quality meats. When I buy food for ourselves, I ensure it is natural and free from artificial ingredients, which carries over to our food truck. By using unique and fresh ingredients on sandwiches, I hope to get people to try something they normally wouldn't. We want to make healthy and fresh attainable.

What Should We Order?

The Eastwood: Hand-carved ham and house-made goat cheese pimento (a concoction of hand-grated sharp cheddar and goat cheese) are toasted and then topped with our horseradish mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, and finished with our house hot honey. Sweet and Spicy!

Where Can We Find You?

We are all over Wilmington, and our schedule rotates constantly. We typically operate from Wednesday to Sunday. The best way to keep up with us is by following us on social media, where we post weekly and daily stops on Facebook & Instagram.

Anything Fun Happening This Summer?

Eastside turns 1 in June, so we plan to have a little fun with that and thank those who have supported us! I also have a couple of pop-ups with other kitchens that will allow us to showcase some dishes other than sandwiches.



Q&A with Jan Laxton - Co-Owner

What makes Keith’s Memphis Style BBQ unique?

For over 14 years, I competed on BBQ Smoking Teams in Memphis, TN. I have always loved making food for friends and family, and this food truck allows me to share my favorite recipes with my neighbors and friends in Wilmington. Our BBQ is unique because I use a secret family rub on the meat before it goes to the smoker. Then the meat smokes for hours on our seasoned commercial smoker every week. The meat is tender, full of flavor, and mouth-watering. My wife, Jan, and I decided to make the leap in our 60s to pursue our dreams with a food truck. We have been married for 28 years and have a tremendous amount of fun working the truck together.

What Should We Order?

Brisket: The brisket is the best item on the menu. You have to come early because It sells out before anything! I rub it down with a special family seasoning, and then for the next 8-10 hours, those seasonings marinate into the brisket and its juices. The result is a delicious, tender, mouth-watering piece of meat served with a great selection of sides.

Where Can We Find You?

We are on Instagram and Facebook and post daily about where we will be. We also have a website with our menu.

Anything Fun Happening This Summer?

Actually, the whole food truck experience is so exciting. We have a lot of great places in Wilmington that you can find us. From the Breweries to events to Live Oak Pavilion for some summer concert shows, Phish, July 18th, and Tyler Childers, August 18th.

Essential Food Truck Tunes

James Taylor-Carolina in my Mind

Elton John-Rocket Man

Chris Stapleton-Tennessee Whiskey



Q&A with Miguel Navarro - Owner

What makes Made in Venezuela unique?

The political situation in Venezuela forced me (a journalist by profession) and my wife, Maryflor Aliza (a special need teacher), to leave our native country to achieve a better future for ourselves and our families. In 2015 we arrived in the United States with thousands of doubts but wanting to work hard and get ahead. We began working in a Mexican food restaurant where little by little, we learned the trade of customer service, food preparation, and personnel management. We considered having our own business to show Venezuelan gastronomy to the East Coast. However, when the entire world was paralyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic, "Made In Venezuelan Food" was born with the support of great friends, and we kept a little piece of Venezuela near this new home in North Carolina. We started working one day a week, and in less than a month, we began receiving calls from different breweries asking us to take our trailer to their locations. Without a doubt, it was a total success. We were surprised by the customers' acceptance. Many came to our window to congratulate us on the delicious food. Today many customers have become friends.

What Should We Order?

Venezuelan Arepa: The arepa is made from ground dry corn dough or pre-cooked cornmeal, flattened into a circle. It is gluten-free and the iconic par excellence of the country's gastronomy. Of course, everyone asks for more of our garlic sauce, prepared by Mary, because it is a true delight and the perfect combination for each dish.

Where Can We Find You?

This Food Truck travels to different places each week, from Sneads Ferry, Surf City, and Wilmington. We can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

Anything Fun Happening This Summer?

We are collaborating with WilmiRicans food truck, Wilmington Latin Dance Academy, and Waterline Brewery to bring the Latin and non Latin community together in an event called Latin Nights. It will be the first Saturday of each month until August at Waterline Brewery. It will have a family-friendly atmosphere, free to the public, where you will find food, music, dancing, and drinks.

Essential Food Truck Tunes

Sentimiento Nacional - Guaco

Suena a Venezuela - Guaco

Alma Llanera - Simón Diaz


Port City Plates

Q&A with Robert and Shelly Marketell - Owners

What makes Port City Plate unique?

Robert and Shelly Marketell met as teenagers and worked together at a movie theater and then at a local hamburger restaurant in the Rochester area and were married a few years later. After more than 30 years in corporate and non-profit management careers, the Marketells decided to relocate to North Carolina in 2021 to search for the next chapter

"Our home was always where friends and family gathered to celebrate holidays and milestones, and were always centered around a great meal,"says Rob. "Gathering together and celebrating with food is our passion, so we decided on a food truck, taking advantage of the vibrant social life and great weather in the Cape Fear region. And we brought our favorite local Western NY comfort food to the South East North Carolina region: The Trash Plate."

What Should We Order?

The Trash Plate: is the signature menu item of Port City Plates. One of the most essential features of a successful plate is that it is made with fresh, hand-made ingredients. It would be easy and save us a lot of time if we were to use commercially made sides, but that is not what we would want to eat, and surely would not want to offer that to our customers. The Trash Plate features a fresh, house-made macaroni salad, hand-cut home fries, two proteins, fresh, never frozen, hand-pressed burgers, and a hot dog from Rochester-based Zweigle's.

What ties everything on the plate together? They call a meat-based hot sauce the "Plate Sauce," made fresh on the trailer before every service. It is similar to chili but without beans. Instead, it has multiple spices and other ingredients, surprises one's palate, and creates an unexpected, delicious flavor profile.

Where Can We Find You?

Port City Plates can be found at the region's local breweries, special events, businesses, and residential communities. The schedule can be found on Instagram and Facebook. "This has been a wonderful adventure. We have met so many wonderful people in the Cape Fear Region. The community has embraced our family and our business, and has made us feel welcome from the very first day. We are very grateful for the outpouring of support," says Robert.

Essential Food Truck Tunes

September - Earth, Wind, and Fire

Rapper's Delight - The Sugar Hill Gang

It's a Great Day To Be Alive - Travis Tritt



Q&A with Luis Vargas and Omar Canales - Owners

What makes WilmiRicnas unique?

The food truck idea started from the need for more Puerto Rican representation in the food industry in NC. When we first arrived in 2020, we looked for a Puerto Rican place in Wilmington, NC, and couldn't find one, so we thought we could bring some great food and flavor to the community and a piece of home to the Puerto Ricans out there. WilmiRicans food truck is unique because we are 100% Puerto Rican. Our plates are made from scratch with 100% Puerto Rican hands.

What Should We Order?

Mofongo: Our one stand-out menu item has to be the mofongo. At first, when we would describe it, people could not even start to picture what it was, but once people tried it and the word got it out, they did not stop ordering it. It's a dish made completely from scratch. We peel the green plantain, fry it, mash it with garlic, among other flavors, and serve it with your choice of meat. It's definitely a showstopper.

Where Can We Find You?

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for the next locations and schedules.

Anything Fun Happening This Summer?

For the second consecutive year, we are collaborating with Made in Venezuela food truck, Wilmington Latin Dance Academy, and Waterline Brewery to bring the Latin and non Latin community together in an event called Latin Nights. This year it will be the first Saturday of each month until August at Waterline Brewery. It will have a family-friendly atmosphere, free to the public, where you will find food, music, dancing, and drinks.

Essential Food Truck Tunes

Preciosa - Marc Anthony

Quien no se siente Patriota-Andy Montañez

El Apagon - Bad Bunny

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