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Updated: Mar 2, 2021

If you had asked Amber Godwin 10 years ago what the next decade would bring her, the prediction would have been a bit off. Through some heartache and some faith, she has launched, set and anchored down in her unique—and beautiful—new venture.

Story by Elizabeth Wiles

Anchor Beads seems like an appropriate name for a line of jewelry available to patrons throughout the Cape Fear and beyond. With its blue and green sea glass accents, intricate tribal patterns and classy-casual design, the jewelry is a perfect match for people of all ages and from all regions. It’s funky, yet elegant. It’s gracefully designed but also downright cool. The “anchor” in the name, however, is not a result of an attempt to market to a coastal, boat-loving audience. Anchor Beads’ owner, Amber Godwin, holds the word, the image and the significance of the word much closer to her soul than your local captain.

In May 2014, Amber’s daughter Georgia was diagnosed with leukemia. Amber was working in accounting at the time, sitting behind a desk day after day for a total of 13 years; a situation of which she was not exactly fond, especially given the added stress of having an ill child.

A craftswoman by nature, Amber has an eye for all things bright and beautiful. The interest, however, stemmed from Georgia’s grandmother—Amber’s mother—who would find that jewelry-making was a project that was the highlight of her granddaughter’s frequent visits to her home.


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