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We want to know the backstory behind a label, the detailed thinking that goes into the design, the ethos behind the branding and how it all comes together in the full package. 


Wilmington, North Carolina

Words CFL Staff

The End of Days Distillery logo and label designs were created to support the ethos of the distillery. Simply put, EOD Distillery exists to inspire people to celebrate a day well lived. Born from a legacy of hard work and hustle, this distillery creates premium spirits the hard way, from scratch, often with locally sourced grains and botanicals—every detail and style nuance of the logo and label were developed to tell this story in a compelling way.



The logo itself depicts a sun setting over the horizon in a way that can look like the horizon over farm fields, or to others, the ocean—a testament to how EOD Distillery is connected to North Carolina from the mountains to the coast. 

The art style of the logo is that of a traditional woodcut to communicate a strong sense of craftsmanship.

The package design process began by exploring various label design directions each paired with a unique bottle option. After some refinement, they settled on what you now see as the Port of Entry series labels.



The label leverages special finishes, including embossing and metallic foils, to strike a distinctly premium tone.

Ebbing Branding + Design, of Wilmington, NC, was tapped to develop the brand. After working closely with Shane to understand his vision, Ebbing Branding established an actionable brand strategy. With a strategic foundation in place, Ebbing's team developed the award winning logo system, package design, apparel designs, website, copywriting, distillery video and photography, and countless other brand touchpoints. The work recently won a regional American Advertising Award for Brand Identity Campaign.


We chose a bottle that reinterprets the traditional apothecary bottle with elegance and refinement. It exudes a strong presence thanks to its solid glass base.



It also has a high neck topped with a bold, flat carnette (rim of the opening).

We love our black closer labels with metallic, embossed printing that wrap over a broad wood stopper. This uniquely wide carnette and wood stopper combo is a distinctive touch you get to experience with every pour.

End of Days Distillery was born from a legacy of hard work and hustle, where creating something with your own two hands meant a day well lived. Our family of premium handcrafted spirits honors our agricultural roots and the timeless values taught to us by the dreamers and doers of the world. Like every great artisan, we know there’s no substitute for unwavering integrity, local grain-to-glass ingredients and passion for the process.


“How are you spending your time?”

It’s a question we ask ourselves every day, and it drives our obsession for crafting small-batch spirits that thrill the palate and inspire the soul. Every sip is a celebration of what matters most. A rallying cry to seize the moment create something meaningful. And a reminder to love the now, each and every day. As we sat around a campfire with friends and family sipping on a fine spirit talking about life, love and loss many conversations ended with a reflection of how you spent your day.

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