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How Do the Experts Taste Beer for Flavors and Freshness - Joe, The Beer Teacher

How Do the Experts Taste Beer for Flavors and Freshness - Joe, The Beer Teacher

Beer Tasting? Have you ever wondered how the experts know what flavors are in the beer and how to tell if your beer is still fresh in your kegerator? Joe, the Beer Teacher will walk you through the tasting techniques the professionals use for judging beer. If you have other topics you would like Joe to cover, please leave questions in the comments section. About the Presenter: Joe Vogelbacher is the founder of Sugar Creek Brewing Company. He is the 19th person in the world to have achieved the title of Master Cicerone® Joe's passion for beer and his quest to achieve the title of Master Cicerone has been prominently featured in the full length film documentary, Beers of Joy. What is a Master Cicerone®? The Master Cicerone® is the fourth and highest level of the Cicerone Certification Program which was designed to parallel the Court of Master Sommeliers program for wine experts. Becoming a Master Cicerone recognizes an exceptional understanding of brewing, beer, and pairing, combined with outstanding tasting abilities and an encyclopedic knowledge of commercial beers. About Sugar Creek Brewing Company Sugar Creek Brewing Company is dedicated to the craftsmanship of fresh, high-quality beer in a style and commitment representative of Belgian Trappist monks. The Sugar Creek Brewing Company philosophy combines the watchful eye of a Trappist Monk with the technical precision of a nuclear engineer to craft fresh, full-flavored beers that are immensely satisfying and intensely drinkable. Using unique combinations of aromatic yeast strains, domestic and imported hops and award-winning malt varieties, Sugar Creek Brewing Company infuses traditional recipes with modern tastes and techniques to create beer that nourishes both mind and body.
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